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Interview with Zack Taylor on Being Successful at Voices.com

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

August 9, 2012

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Ever wondered what it takes to be successful at Voices.com? Voice over coach and talent J. Michael Collins interviews Zack Taylor, one of the busiest working talent on the site, to learn more about what he's doing to win jobs and his approach for auditioning via the online voice-over marketplace.

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Voice Talent J. Michael Collins

J. Michael Collins voice talentAs an industry-leading voice talent and coach, J. Michael Collins is able to call upon a wealth of experience and accumulated knowledge to provide his clients with the very best product possible. Throughout his career, he has dedicated himself to providing voiceovers of superior quality to all of his clients, large and small. From advertisements for major corporations such as Coca Cola and McDonald's, movie trailers for worldwide release, television documentaries, Fortune 500 corporate narration, and audio-books, to promos for the local pizza place, his experience with a wide range of clients allows him to expertly create a perfect product for them, whatever their needs.

About Zack Taylor

Zack TaylorZack Taylor is known for both his clear and articulate voice and his passion for bringing a client's vision to life.

He has a wide range of styles from conversational "guy next door" to hard sell pitchman, and has a relatable sound that works for everything from fun and friendly explainer videos to technical and medical e-learning.

His credits include such well-known brands such as AOL, Cisco, Swatch, Intel, Oracle, HP, Mobil, Chicago Tribune, Bank of America, Nissan and Planet Hollywood, and his client-based focus keeps them coming back again and again.


    Great interview, guys! Zack gave some really great advice, regarding utilizing Voices.com, that's for sure. But, I have run into some difficulties with auditions that didn't make sense to me, so I did some impromptu research to see if I could find an answer of some kind. Mind you, I'm not a professional researcher or pollster, but I do pay attention to things and here are my observations: 1.) The majority of voice types I hear on national and other big-time ads are youthful and almost "boyish", far from what I am, which is a middle-aged "cigar baritone" who can do a pretty credible knockoff of the late Don LaFontaine. This "youth movement" instantly cuts me out of some prime VO dollars, but I can't do anything about that; 2.) VO-seekers, producers and advertisers exercise what I call "geographical bigotry", which means if you don't live in the Los Angeles area, your auditions are put to the back of the line or discarded completely, if you live in Colorado, as I do. I have been labeled the "favorite" so many times, I can't count them. But, as soon as the client and/or producer saw where I live, as well as the equipment I work with sometimes, I never heard back from them; 3.) Regarding audio quality, I must be doing SOMETHING right. I've gotten numerous feedback e-mails from VO-seekers who thanked me for submitting "such pristine recordings", in their words. So, these are my observations and frustrations. However, I'm not discouraged enough to quit and I still hold on to the belief that there is a niche for me in this business, which will pay off with very nice dividends. As a Voice Actor, I'm not a beginner by any stretch. Things like home studios and acoustics, now that's been another story. I truly believe, though, that my commitment to this business is making me a much better voice talent, overall and audio editing has been very interesting, to say the least! Thanks, again, for a great interview and the chance to weigh-in with my own thoughts and feelings. Take care.

    Posted by:

      Hi guys!
      Thanks for a really interesting and entertaining listen. Lots of great advice coupled with some very reassuring nuggets of information - it's great to know than even successful v/o guys are doing around 10 auditions a day!
      Many thanks once again.

      Posted by:

        Great interview guys!

        Posted by:

          Awesome interview guys! It's always nice to hear insights from the best of the best. Keep 'em coming!

          Posted by:

            Thank you Zack and JMC! Can't wait to hear more podcasts like this one!!

            Posted by:
            • Greg Simms
            • September 1, 2012 6:06 PM


              Posted by:
              • Leon Aucoin
              • December 8, 2012 1:50 PM

                Great interview, very informative!

                Zack - love you high positive energy level!

                Posted by:

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