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Naming MP3 Audition Files Properly

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

December 4, 2012

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Has the way you named an MP3 audition file ever lost you the job? Voice actor and voice-over coach Deb Munro shares from the perspective of someone who has worked with talent on how important it is that voice actors properly name digital audio files when auditioning online.

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Deb Munro
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Voice Over Expert Debbie Munro

Debbie MunroBy employing over a dozen years wisdom in voicing and acting, Debbie Munro puts her talents to work to meet the challenging demands of today's fast paced voice market. Tired of not receiving constructive feed back on how to improve her craft, Debbie set out to make a difference for actors by creating, The MIC & ME Workshop Series. Keeping focused on the Global Freelance market, Debbie has combined her extensive Voice Over, Acting and Off Camera training into a series of practical, exciting workshops that will take you to that next step, no matter what your level.

Fueled by experience, talent, and unbridled enthusiasm for doing what she loves to do best - getting behind a microphone and speaking her heart out, Debbie is proud to share her insights, techniques and secrets with you. She works very hard to create courses that shed an honest look into the world of voice acting allowing you to work at your own pace, know if this is the industry for you and how to keep working. Her passion alone will engage you and give you the encouragement you need.


    Funny how sometimes the simplest things are sometimes the most useful. I never thought of adding my own name to the file name but I will starting now. Thanks.

    Posted by:

      I really enjoyed the podcast on naming your mp3 audition. Thank you, I am a newbie with a lot to learn. Added slate to my vocabulary list.

      Posted by:
      • Jan
      • January 22, 2013 6:36 PM

        thanks voice over expert and Ms. Debbie Munro for giving such valuable information. I really appreciate your efforts.

        with regards,
        Amit Kumar

        Posted by:
        • amit kumar
        • March 8, 2013 5:09 AM

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