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What Your Voice Over Agent Should Be Doing For You

By Lin Parkin

July 15, 2013

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Is your agent really doing all they can to get you auditions? Are you feeling a little left out in the cold? Our Voice Over Expert, Roger King, provides advice from an insiders point of view on the things you should (and shouldn't) expect from your voice-over agent.

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PN Agency
Ethnic Voice Talent

Your Instructor this week:

Voice Over Expert Roger King

Voiceover CanadaRoger King is the President of PN Agency which provides voice-over talent to the radio, television, film, multi-media and animation industries. In 2004, he launched a sister agency, Ethnic Voice Talent (EVT), and now represents over 100 voice over talents and translators in more than 15 different languages.

Is your voice-over agent working for you?

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    What a refreshing view of the inner workings of a voice agents mind. This is definitely helpful to a "newbie" such as myself who is just getting into the world of VO after some training and starting my demo. Wonderful advice from Roger King

    Posted by:
    • Lewis Williams
    • January 3, 2014 6:25 PM

      Great podcast, Roger!

      It was refreshing to know that my agent in Los Angeles holds himself to similar standards. He recently had me turn down a commercial worth thousands of dollars because the contract wasn't in my best interest, thus forgoing a big commission. Thankfully, the CD wanted me bad enough to revise the contract and everyone was happy. Love my agent and I love to know that we have a great relationship. Looking forward to knowing what WE as talents should be doing for our agents!

      Posted by:

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