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7 Steps to Becoming A VO-preneur

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Without a proper foundation, you'll find yourself going from one gig to another without any particular direction. David Tyler encourages you to build a professional support team, trademark your business name, setup a business banking account, a business phone line, website, develop branding and more. Use David's tips to help you establish yourself and promote your voice in the global marketplace.

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David Tyler
David Tyler on Voices.com
Ultimate Voice Over Guide

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David Tyler voice talentDavid Tyler has been doing voice overs for more than 30 years doing commercials, narrations, video games, documentary films, eLearning and broadcast radio and TV.

Most recently he was hired as the voice of CTV News in Canada.

He has started teaching everything he knows about voice over from the business and marketing, to interpreting scripts and winning auditions.

Learn more about his course at:



    I had the honour of attending Dave's course in Montreal in March of this year
    He is the kind of mentor/teacher you need in your corner, on the way to being
    a VO-preneur as well! Great guy, knows his stuff and very humble and pleasant.

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