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Choosing a Voice Over Coach

By Lin Parkin

June 10, 2014

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Finding the right voice-over coach to work with can be challenging. There are many coaches out there, but how do you know if you'll actually benefit from their training programs? How qualified are they to provide coaching? How can you tell which ones are fly-by-night and which are legit? Professional voice talent and voice-over coach, Karen DeBoer, demystifies what you should consider before hiring a voice-over coach in this episode of Voice Over Experts.

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KAREN_DEBOER_SM.jpgKaren DeBoer is a full time voice-over recording artist serving clients around the globe. With over 20 years of experience in voice-over, on-camera, and print modeling, Karen also offers private coaching and mentoring for aspiring and established voice-over artists.

Private lessons are conducted via phone or Skype and are customized to meet individual needs. Karen assists with script breakdown and interpretation, how to connect with a specific audience, following creative direction, breaking bad habits and creating a unique style.

In addition, Karen provides technical instruction, including setting up a quality home studio, how to record and send files in the proper format, recommend recording software, editing tips, and very importantly, how to market yourself once you are ready to launch you voice-over business. Karen can also assist in creating a professional demo.

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