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10 Tips For Successfully Getting Started on Voices.com

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 29, 2014

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What can you do to improve your odds of booking work at Voices.com? William Dougan shares 10 tips from his own experience covering a wide array of topics such as recording equipment, profile completion, auditioning and how to treat your clients. Knowing your strengths and auditioning accordingly will help you to give prospective customers your very best in an audition. Hear about all this and more on Voice Over Experts.

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William Dougan
William Dougan on Voices.com

Your instructor this week:

William DouganWilliam R. Dougan is a talented voice actor who has lived in the San Francisco/Bay Area for the past 34 years. He is also a musician who plays the trombone and piano. Right now, he is learning to play the guitar, and also learning to speak Italian. He is passionate about movies, music, language, and thoroughly enjoys the "creative process" that goes into making quality entertainment.

His partial client list includes American Red Cross, Porsche, Hallmark, Delta Dental, Allergan, Inc., FaceShift, Four Story Creative, CEV Multimedia, Ltd., Switch Video, NogginLabs, Inc., Ovatio, Eelke Dekker Film & Animatie, Modio, Mary Pomerantz Advertising and How It Works Media.

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