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3 Quick Post-Production Tips To Get Better Sound

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

August 20, 2014

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Are your audition MP3s rich and robust? Tom Knight shares that taking a little extra time tweaking your audio before submitting your audition can make a big difference. With so many things out of your control, why not make the audio as good as it can possibly sound? Tom shares 3 quick tips that you can apply during post-production to create a better sound, thereby a better audition.

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Tom Knight
Tom Knight on Voices.com
Master Handbook of Acoustics by F. Alton Everest and Ken Pohlmann, now in its 6th edition

Your Instructor This Week:

Tom Knight voice over talentTom Knight is an Emmy-Award winner for voiceover whose voice can be heard on commercials for Acura, Honda, Nikon, Schlage, Georgia Lottery, Yamaha, Sportstime Ohio, and many others.

Prior to entering the voiceover world, Tom played drums with multi-platinum, Grammy-winning artists such as TLC, Monica, Stevie Nicks, Michael McDonald and several other groups--traveling all over the world and performing for hundreds of thousands of fans in his musical career. "Growing up in the music business", Tom says, "really helped me a lot when I began working in voice, because I believe there is a kind of "natural musicality" in voice work--which is really interesting to me, because I always felt that playing a musical instrument was parallel, in so many ways, to communicating with one another through speech. It really is a full-circle experience for me; each career path drawing from the other."

In addition to drumming and voice work, Tom has also been instructing at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media since 1994, where he currently teaches live music performance, as well as studio recording and engineering. Tom also owns a video production company out of Atlanta, and in early 2014, he added "Emmy-nominated Director" to his accolades--earning an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Television Crafts.

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    Really nice stuff, Tom. Very informative, and very specific. So much advice is generic to the point of mind-numbing, so I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to explain your techniques in detail. The generosity didn't hurt, either :)


    Posted by:

      As a former Audio Post engineer I find Tom's hints for making a better sounding audition extremely useful.

      Posted by:

        Jack and Travis - thank you so much for your kind words!

        One thing I've found in the VO industry--unlike so many others--is that everyone seems so willing to help one another. (I've certainly gotten my fair share of generosity from fellow VO artists!) I figure, if something works, might as well see if others might agree!

        Thank you for commenting!


        Posted by:

          Hi Jack and Travis,

          thank you for the kind words!

          You know, I've found that, in the VO world, there are so many people willing to share the ideas, tips, tricks, etc. that worked for them. (I certainly received lots of advice from tons of folks out there!) And so I'm just hopeful that some of the things that have worked for me will help others.

          Thanks for commenting!


          Posted by:

            Tom, thankyou. So clear and comprehensive. You absolutely helped me arrive at better sound on my pod (177).
            Before sending it in, I took a close listen just as you suggest and among other things was able to permanently tune out a boomy note in my ribbon mic, without losing warmth. 'Rich and robust' ? Well, nearer than it was!

            Posted by:

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