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Pros and Cons of Offering Phone Patch Services

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

August 12, 2011

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What does it take to offer phone patch services and make it profitable for your business? How do you set the limits and parameters of a phone patch session? Anthony Reece shares many pros and cons of offering phone patch and also addresses whether or not to charge a fee for providing the service.

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Mirror Mirror - Being True to Yourself as a Voice Talent

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

November 3, 2009

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Join Voice Over Expert Anthony Reece in his lecture, "Mirror Mirror - Being True to Yourself as a Voice Talent." As a voice over talent you have to be honest and recognize that you are not right for every part. When you're in a position to cast consider whether or not you fit the part or if someone else should be auditioned and cast. Would you hire yourself out of a batch of voices? If the shoe doesn't fit, don't try it on! Anthony teaches you how to critique your own voice over work and be objective at all times.

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Rate Sheets and Recut Requests

By David Ciccarelli

June 3, 2008

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Join Voice Over Expert Anthony Reece in his podcast "Rate Sheets and Recut Requests". Addressing one of the most frequently debated subjects and popular topics in voice over, Anthony provides a solid guideline for creating a rate sheet and then sticking to it as well as dealing with client recut requests.

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Finding and Developing Character Voices

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

March 19, 2008

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Join Voice Over Expert Anthony Reece as he introduces you to "Finding and Developing Character Voices". Anthony goes over the subtleties of finding inspiration for characters, developing unique voices and places an emphasis on quality, not quantity, when it comes to being successful in this competitive niche.

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