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Tips for Online Auditioning Success (examples included!)

Tips For Creating the Perfect Commercial Demo

5 Mistakes You Might Be Making That Lose You Voice-Over Jobs

Camp Vox: Why Voice Acting?

Understanding The Role of Vowels and Consonants in Speech

How To Make Your Voice Sound Older or Younger

Voiceover Auditions: Audio Gourmet vs. Fast Food

Microphone Technique: A Secret Weapon

What's a Union Paymaster and How Do They Work?

How To Personalize Commercial Copy and Sound More Believable

The Future of Commercial Voice-Over

The What, Why and How of Audio Description

How to Get What You're Worth: Creating A Reliable Income Doing Voice Over

Giving Back as a Professional Voice Talent

3 Key Priorities For Continued Success in Online Casting

Being Conversational in Narration and eLearning

Taking Care of Your Voice

Accent Reduction and the Standard American Accent

Finding Your Unique Voice

What's a Talent Agent and What Do They Look For?

Auditioning Dos and Don'ts: Knowing What You Can Control

Using Gesture, Imitation and Sound Effects To Get Into Character

3 Demo & Auditioning Tips For Booking More Work

Tips For Auditioning From Your Home Studio

Primer For On-Camera Talent Transitioning To Voice-Overs

3 Quick Post-Production Tips To Get Better Sound

How To Master Voice Accents

Improv in the Moment

10 Tips For Successfully Getting Started on Voices.com

How to Become a More Versatile Voice Actor

Guidance for Radio Talent on How to Book Voice-Over Jobs

How to Sound Like Famous Stars

Choosing a Voice Over Coach

7 Steps to Becoming A VO-preneur

5-Minute Workout for Developing Your Voice and Articulation

It's What You Say and How You Say It

Recording and Producing Your First Audiobook

Developmental Tips For Aspiring Voice Talent

Giving Your Clients a 5-Star Customer Service Experience

Using The Proximity Effect For More Intimate Recordings

Casting Directors' 6 Biggest Pet Peeves

Auditioning as if You've Already Booked the Job

The 2 Sides of the Marketing Coin

How to Interpret Punctuation in a Voice-Over Script

Interview with Edge Studio Managing Director Graeme Spicer

Google Glass Interviews: What It's Really Like Wearing Glass

What Your Voice Over Agent Should Be Doing For You

What's On Your Voice Over TACO?

Sincerity, Smile, and Physicality

Confused? You Were Probably Paying Attention

Ten Ways to Place Your Character Voices

Tips For Those Exploring Voice Acting

Formula for Creating Evocative, Unique and Developed Characters

What To Do With Ad Copy

Creating Sustainable Characters

Naming MP3 Audition Files Properly

4 Things You Do Naturally With Your Voice That Shape A Brilliant Read

Getting Used To Your Own Voice By Listening To Yourself Objectively

Interview with Zack Taylor on Being Successful at Voices.com

Understanding Voiceover Jargon and Buzz Words

Collecting Money From Clients Who Don't Pay

Pros and Cons of Offering Phone Patch Services

Clarifying a Character Voice

Why It's Important to be a Versatile Voice Actor

Finding Voice Over Jobs Online and How To Get Them

Building Your Voiceover "House"

Social Networking Tips From Terry Daniel and Dave Courvoisier

Keep Your Eyes on the Copy!

Pat Fraley's Formula For How To Get Audiobook Narration Work

Jump Start The New Year With Tips From Bobbin Beam

How Sincerity, Smiling and Movement Affects Voice Over Performances

Improving Your Improv

How To Produce a Demo for the Audiobook Market

Vocal Shape-shifting with Pat Fraley

12 Skills You Should Hone as a Voice Over Talent

Products, Packaging and Promotion!

Caution Signs For Voice Over Talent

Your Demo Speaks For You... What Is Yours Saying?

I Am A Sound Effect

10 Voice Over Tips for 2010

Why 20% of Voice Talent Get 80% of the Work

How to Introduce Your Child to Voice Acting

Marketing and Goals

Men VS Women: Making the Ugly Face to Get the Perfect Voice

Secrets of an Agent Man: Tips on Getting Representation

Mirror Mirror - Being True to Yourself as a Voice Talent

Accents and Dialects: Accuracy VS Authenticity

The Necessity of Social Networking

Improving Your Delivery of Printed Texts

Voice Over Experts 100th Episode!

The Pros and Cons of Having Your Own Studio Setup

Anatomy of a Character Voice Demo

Practicing Your Craft

Understanding Your Client's Needs and Being Believable

Helping Hispanic Talent Speak Unaccented English

Adjusting Interpretation to Book your Brand

Pro Tools and Other Multi-track Recording Programs

Voice Over Improvisation Skills

Getting Voice Over Work Through Social Networking

Deb Munro's Voice Acting Lesson With Elaine Clark

Getting the Most Out of Voice Over Marketplaces

The Critical Compound: Character Voice, Acting, and Accents

Coloring Our Words

How To Record Voiceovers At Home or On The Road

Voice Over Stinkaholic

Microphone Technique for Voice Actors

Givens About the Voiceover Coaching Industry

Areas of Demand for Voice Overs Despite Economic Downturn

Being Persistent in Voice Over

How To Get Started in Audiobook Narration

Doing Voice Over for Free

The Year of Personal Branding

Taking Your Voice From 2nd Place To 1st

Voice-Over Therapy

Pricing Voice Over Services, A Crucial Aspect of the Marketing Mix

9 Tips For Yielding a Bumper Crop of Voice Overs in 2009

Marketing Your Voice Online, Interview with Stephanie Ciccarelli of Voices.com

Get The Point! A Lesson in Interpreting Punctuation

Behind The Curtain With a Voice Over Casting Director

Referral Marketing Tips for Voice Actors

Working Abroad as a Voice Over Talent

I Am Enough : Be Empowered and Banish Fear

We Predict Election Winner!

How To Get a Callback From an Audition

Let's Talk Promos : Be A Voice Over Olympian

How To Be A Better Voice Over Student

Focusing on Physical Issues to Improve Vocal Performance

Giving Depth to Words

Working From Home and Striking a Work / Life Balance

Problem Solving

VO Genres and Styles

Top Market Voice Over Agent : The Piston in Your Engine

Finding Your Authentic Voice

5 Tips for Getting Voice Over Work

Setting Up a Voice Over Business

A Job Well Done

The Almighty Playback

Visual Branding for Voice Over Talents

Rate Sheets and Recut Requests

Business Basics for Voice Actors

Voice Over Demo Don'ts

Shameless Hollywood Auditioning Tricks!

5 Areas of Active Listening

Getting Started in Audiobook Narration

How To Be a Professional Announcer

The Layers of Your Voice

Take Control and Start Marketing Your Voice

Put First Things First! The Newcomer's Training

Finding and Developing Character Voices

Do You Need a Voice Over Agent?

Getting the Most Out of Your Voice

What to Look For in a Voice Over Coach

Debating the Signature Voice

Voice Matching and Imitating Voices

How to Define Your Niche Voice Acting Market

Voice Acting Education Matters

Core Talents of Voice Over Artists

Recording Software for Voice Actors

Learning Voice Over as a Whole

Niche Marketing for Voice Actors

Audiobook Good News

A Gift You Can Give

Information You Need to Know : What 100 Clients Told Me

How To Be Better in 2008

Auditioning In Your Home Recording Studio

How to Analyze and Break Down Commercial Copy

How To Build a Cost-Effective Home Recording Studio

Special Episode : What Do You Think?

Kids Voice Acting : How To Become a Cartoon Character

Recording Studio Etiquette

Finding Voice Over Inspiration in Supermarkets

Where To Start in Voiceovers

Beyond the Demo Reel

Accents and Dialects

Basics of Building a Voice Over Recording Studio

The Characters In My Pocket

Making Your Art Your Business

Acting In The White Spaces

Promote Yourself : Voice Over Strategies

Sounding Clean While Speaking Naturally

How To Make an A-List Voice Over Demo

The Myth of Rejection

Making the Most of Your Message

Tips and Tricks for Auditioning

Preparing to Record a Commercial Voice Over Demo

Coloring Words

Finding The Music in Copy

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