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Improving Your Improv

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

August 10, 2010

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Ever wondered what kind of a role improv plays in voice acting? Being able to think on your feet will be required of you often, especially when working in animation voice over. Marc Graue shares ways you can experiment with your voice and visualize exactly where you are going to help you book a role.

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How To Get a Callback From an Audition

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

October 15, 2008

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Join Voice Over Expert Marc Graue as he teaches you "How To Get a Callback From an Audition". Learn how to nail an audition by thinking on your feet. Marc encourages you to visualize your character and to come as close as possible to the description of what's being asked of you, even if the description doesn't make much sense.

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Recording Studio Etiquette

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

October 16, 2007

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Join Voice Over Expert Marc Graue as he discusses "Recording Studio Etiquette" (it's very important!). Not only will you be able to learn these protocols without the embarrassment of fumbling, the recording engineers and studio staff will also be impressed by your professionalism and confidence during the session.

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How To Make an A-List Voice Over Demo

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 24, 2007

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Join Voice Over Expert Marc Graue as he shares "How To Make an A-List Demo". Find out what happens behind closed studio doors and get the cold hard facts on what matters, what doesn't and how to grab the attention of prospective clients.

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