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2nd Annual Voicey Awards Special VOX Talk Episode


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

February 21, 2008

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Join Stephanie Ciccarelli as your host for the 2nd Annual Voicey Awards Show honoring voice actors for their talent, achievements and contributions to the voice over industry.

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Welcome to the second annual Voicey Awards, honoring some of the industry's best voice talent for their skill, dedication, and contribution to the voice over industry this past year. My name is Stephanie Ciccarelli, host for the 2008 Voicey Awards.

This is the first award of its kind that pays homage to voice over professionals exclusively and we're proud to share in this event with you via podcast.

Over the past year, the Voiceys have grown from five categories to nine, including the addition of Best Child Voice, Best Teen Voice, Best Voice Team and Best Foreign Voice.

Something unique to the Voicey Awards this year is the wide array of industry judges with one gracing each category. These judges represent many facets within the voice industry including education, employment, performance, production and language arts.

Judging in the Best Child Voice category is Sunday Muse, children's voice over coach and character voice actress. Judging in the Best Teen Voice category this year is Cynthia Songé, casting director and co-author of the book "Word of Mouth, A Guide to VoiceOver Excellence, Vol. 3″.

The judge in the Best New Voice category is Joan Baker, voice actress and author of "Secrets of Voice-over Success". Judging in the category of Best Personal Branding is Julie Williams, voice over coach and national voice talent.

In the category of Best Voice Team, judges are author and voice acting instructor James Alburger and voice instructor Penny Abshire.

The Voicey award for Best Foreign Voice is being judged by linguistic expert Elena Valenzuela, associate professor from the University of Western Ontario's department of Modern Languages and Literatures.
The Lifetime Achievement award was juried by Bettye Zoller, author, voice over instructor and industry expert.

The category of Best Female Voice was judged by voice over coach Marc Cashman and the Best Male Voice category by Connie Terwilliger, voice over instructor and national voice-over talent.
It is now my privilege to announce this year's finalists and reveal the winners.

Best Child Voice

What is sweeter than the voice of a child? I'm pleased to announce the winner of the Best Child Voice award, Brandi Munro, age 12. This is the first nomination and Voicey award for Brandi Munro. Congratulations Brandi! Ladies and gentlemen, this is just a taste of what the future of the voice acting sounds like.

Best Teen Voice

Spanning the vast terrain and challenges of the teenage years, the finalists in the category of Best Teen Voice include: Jesse Springer and Michelle Dunphy.

I'm pleased to announce that the winner of the Best Teen Voice category is...

Best New Voice

Breaking into voice overs is a hard thing to do but these fabulous finalists show that not only can it be done, but that it can be done with poise, style and dignity.

Without further preamble, the finalists in the category of Best New Voice include: Jason Clark, Jeffrey Kafer, Jenna Holinsworth, David Houston and Georgette Perna.

And the winner is...

Best Personal Branding

While standing out vocally from the crowd is one thing, being able to brand and market your talent effectively is quite another. The finalists in the category of Best Personal Branding include Allen Farmer, Kara Edwards, Jessica Levesque, DC Goode and David J. Lawrence.

The Voicey goes to...

Best Voice Team

One of the new categories this year, Best Voice Team honors vocal duos, teams and ensembles who work together on a regular basis. This year's finalists include the voice teams of Maggie's Voice and Thom Wilkins, Terry Daniel and Trish Basanyi, Forrest Rainier and Diane Havens, Adam Fox and Kara Edwards, Dana Detrick and Paul Clark.

The Best Voice Team award goes to...

Best Foreign Voice

With so many voice actors and languages to choose from, it's hard to say there can only be one winner. The finalists in the category of Best Foreign Voice this year include Lili Wexu, Giovanni Noto, Marc Chase, Adam Behr, Sylvain Triboulliard, Daniela Maria Krueger, Andy Turvey, Claire Dodin, Juan Carlos Hernandez, Liz de Nesnera, Jane Nolan, Barto Mora, Adela Bolet, Sanjo Ogunseye and Rachel Salaman.

The winner of the Best Foreign voice category this year is...

Lifetime Achievement

At this time, I would like recognize the finalists in the category of Lifetime Achievement. Dedicating decades of a life to the art of voice-over demands perseverance, talent and a gift for helping others along the way. The finalists this year are Rita Pardue, Bryan Cox, Pat Fraley, Bob Bergen and David K. Jones.
And the winner of the Lifetime Achievement award is...

Drawing near to the end, we find ourselves shoulder to shoulder with the finalists in the Best Male Voice and Best Female Voice categories.

Best Female Voice

These ladies are all amazing voice actresses and I'm excited to cut right to the chase. The finalists in the category of Best Female Voice are: Gale Van Cott, Debbie Munro, Summer Crockett Moore, Jacqueline Samuda, and Moe Egan.

And the winner of the Best Female Voice award is...

Best Male Voice

To bring our ceremony to a close, I present you with five gentlemen who are finalists in the Best Male Voice category including Bob Barnes, David Kaye, James Herron, Bob Souer and JJ Wilson.
And the winner of the Best Male Voice for 2008 is...

On behalf of all of the judges, staff at Voices.com and voice talent everywhere, I want share our sincere gratitude and congratulations to all of the winners, finalists, and people who were nominated for the Second Annual Voicey Awards.

We're already planning ahead for next year and welcome your feedback to make 2009 an amazing show. Keep subscribed to the VOX Talk podcast to learn more about how you can get involved and join our community of professional voice over talents.
My name is Stephanie Ciccarelli. Thank you for joining us for the 2nd Annual Voicey Awards.

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