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VOX Talk #57 - Myanmar Relief PSAs, JoAnne Good says Female Presenters Playing Second Fiddle to Male Announcers in Radio, Seth MacFarlane's Sweet Deal with Fox


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

May 20, 2008

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Dan Gorham reports on Myanmar Relief PSAs, Vanessa Hart presents Female Radio Hosts on Par with Male Counterparts?, Jefferson Feil announces Seth MacFarlane's Sweet Deal with 20th Century Fox, Bobbin Beam in The Biz, and Vicki Amorose with comedy piece, "Upmost Expresso".

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Links from today's show:

Audioconnell.com - Myanmar Cyclone Relief PSAs
JoAnne Good Female Presenters Playing Second Fiddle to Male Radio Announcers
Seth MacFarlane's Sweet Deal with 20th Century Fox
Dan Gorham
Vanessa Hart
Jefferson Feil
Bobbin Beam
Vicki Amorose


Greetings and welcome aboard! This week I'm joined by a few friends and am looking forward to getting this show on the road.

The Loop:


Our top story concerns the present situation in Myanmar, also known as Burma. Voice actors in North America have banded together as in the past to bring critical messages to the people of the world centered on the welfare of the children who have been affected by this devastating natural disaster.

Organizing voice talent, Peter K. O'Connell, pleaded "If you directly know any radio station or television station program directors, internet radio stations or podcasters, please direct them to the audioconnell.com website where they can download a free 60 second or 30 second PSA or email them the spots or scripts. If they want to record spots with their own voice talent, God bless 'em!"

Several years ago when Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans, O'Connell was the first to develop as PSA campaign that made a significant impact regarding awareness of how Katrina had clobbered the landscape and its people, directing those who listened to the PSA to give generously to the American Red Cross.

As O'Connell pointed out, public service announcements don't do any good if they aren't played. In order for people to respond to the call to action, they first need to hear the message. Please promote the availability of these spots within whatever professional network you are a part of and encourage their use to help raise money the people in Myanmar who have been so terribly distressed,"


In business news, a popular BBC Radio London personality, JoAnne Good is raising a ruckus over male-dominated radio and women's roles on the air, relating that most women are considered mere sidekicks to their male counterparts.

JoAnne Good, who presents BBC Radio London's Breakfast Show with Paul Ross, believes that women still face significant challenges in radio, more often than not playing second fiddle to a male presenter.

Since taking over from Danny Baker, Good has been in the hot seat at BBC London between 6am and 9am with a series of male presenters who have had to fit in with her, rather than vice versa, including Les Dennis, Andi Peters and Rowland Rivron.
But when she first moved to the breakfast slot from the Late Show, the station's bosses hired Jono Coleman from Heart FM to join her in the studio. At that point, she says, she was "literally moved out of the big chair".

Good believes the female voice is partly to blame because it is "not as authoritative" as the male voice, which "creates confidence". She said: "I work a lot as a voice-over artist; 80 per cent of voice-overs are male. Women do cosmetics and confectionery."

For more on this story, visit the VOX Talk show notes for this episode.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, voice actor Seth MacFarlane just cut a very sweet deal with Twentieth Century Fox TV. As creator and primary voice talent behind animated comedies American Dad and Family Guy, MacFarlane will continue to produce shows and online content for Fox through two thousand twelve. In exchange, he'll receive up to one hundred million dollars.
MacFarlane has the fans to thank for his emergence as Hollywood's highest-paid show runner. Family Guy was famously canceled in two thousand, then brought back on the air after consumer demand for the first-season DVD and good ratings of reruns on the Cartoon Network convinced Fox execs to give the then-twenty-six-year-old upstart a second chance.

For more information on this story and others in the voice acting world, head over to Voice Over Times.

Thank you Dan, Vanessa and Jefferson.

The Biz:

This week in the Biz Bobbin Beam presents part one of two of her mini-series "What Never Goes Out of Style". Bobbin?

Bobbin Beam commentary

Thank you for sharing, Bobbin. You can hear part two next week on VOX Talk.

VOX Box:

Vicki Amorose sent me a great comedic piece based upon an article published to VOX Daily. Take it away, Vicki!

Vicki's piece.

Thank you for that burst of creativity, Vicki!


On behalf of our team, I want to thank you for listening and staying subscribed to VOX Talk. If you haven't subscribed yet, we'd love to have you on board. Search for VOX Talk at iTunes. Thank you for listening and we'll see you next week.

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    Looking forward to another great VOX Talk podcast!



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      Seth McFarlane is one talented guy. You tube him and watch some of his acting skills.

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