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VOX Talk #68 - All India Radio, PLR UK and Audiobooks, The Voice Arts Awards, Accents, Soundalikes, Improv and Robin Williams


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

August 16, 2014

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This week, we'll hear news from India affecting radio personalities, payments for narrators whose audiobooks are borrowed from libraries in the UK, and The Voice Arts Awards. In The Biz, Grant Thomas from Voices shares his thoughts on accents, soundalikes and improv as well as memories of Robin Williams and his work.

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Links From This Week's Show

The Loop

All India Radio Voice Modulation Tests
PLR UK payments coming for audiobook narrators, producers from library loans
Still time to submit for the Voice Arts Awards

Tip of the hat to Gary Terzza of VOMasterClass.com for sharing this post about PLR payments via his Google Plus account

Additional information from Gary's posting:

The PLR payment will be divided as follows: 60% for the author, 20% for the narrator and 20% for the producer. It would seem fair to assume that if you recorded and edited the audiobook yourself, you will be entitled to both narrator & producer fees i.e. 40%.

The Biz

Grant Thomas chats with Stephanie Ciccarelli about accents, soundalikes and improv as well as the career of Robin Williams and his contribution to the world of acting and storytelling.

Related Topics: Accents, Acting, Ad Libbing, Aladdin, Auditions, Comedy, Dead Poets Society, Genie, Good Morning Vietnam, Grant Thomas, Improv, Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Williams, Soundalikes, Voice-overs


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