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Vox Talk #90 - NAB, Apple VoiceOver for iOS Wins Helen Keller Award, Brett Olsen's Climb to #1 on the Top 100 Favorites List

Vox Talk #89 - Machine Translation, Auditioning and Self-promotion

Vox Talk #88 - Big Changes at Nickelodeon, Apple Watch Apps and Voice, Placido Domingo and Vocal Range

Vox Talk #87 - DreamWorks' Home, Free Online VO Resources, Google's Chromebook, Midwest Voice Over Conference, Honey and Voice Care

Vox Talk #86 - Animated Movies, Home Studios, Mentorship and More

Vox Talk #85 - VO Atlanta, Rakuten, Nintendo, Mario, Voice Direction, David Goldberg, Edge Studio

Vox Talk #84 - Script Development, the Apple Watch, Silence, Timing and Lunch & Learns

Vox Talk #83 - VO Atlanta, Tea Time, NYC, CTA Digital Tech, Mobile Innovation Summit, Edge Studio Meet & Greets, BEA, APAC, Big Hero 6

Vox Talk #82 - Spanish VO Day at VO Atlanta, Simone Fojgiel, Expertos del VO, Backstage Magazine, Huffington Post, David Tyler's Ultimate Voice Over Guide

Vox Talk #81 - VO Atlanta, Apple, Netflix, David Tyler's Ultimate Voice Over Guide

Vox Talk #80 - DreamWorks, Oscars, Voice-Based Tech, Mobile Innovation Summit, Vocal Health and Goodreads

Vox Talk #79 - Translation, Localization and Microsoft's Skype Translator the Winner of the Vox Talk Photo Contest

Vox Talk #78 - Angry Birds, Pixar, Toy Story 4, YouTube, Photo Contest

Vox Talk #77 - YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, Code Mobile, Celebrities in Video Games, Disney's Big Hero 6, Supercomputer Animation

Vox Talk #76 - Harry Shearer, Loyola University, Fred Savage, Honda, Apple, Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, SpeechMasterPro

Vox Talk #75 - Midwest Voice Over Conference, Toronto Maple Leafs, Leafs Nation, Will Arnett, Salesforce.com, DreamForce

Vox Talk #74 - Adam Sandler, Netflix, NBA, Disney, Time Warner, Voice Arts Award Nominees

Vox Talk #73 - Rovio's Angry Birds Movie, DreamWorks and Softbank, Regional Accents, Talk App, Insuring Your Voice, Dame Judi Dench

VOX Talk #72 - MLB Perfect Inning App, Movie Trailers, Ken Burns The Roosevelts Voice Cast, Jeff Bridges, Paul Rudd and Hyundai, Joan Rivers and Vocal Surgery

VOX Talk #71 - Clear Channel and iHeartMedia, Inc. Pixar's The Good Dinosaur, John Lithgow, Darrell Hammond on SNL, Apple App Preview Videos, Minecraft

VOX Talk #70 - Apple Watch, Don Pardo, Maurice LaMarche, Carmi Levy on Sir Jony Ive's Narration

VOX Talk #69 - VOICE 2014, Latin American Voice-Overs, Keylingo on Translation and Localization

VOX Talk #68 - All India Radio, PLR UK and Audiobooks, The Voice Arts Awards, Accents, Soundalikes, Improv and Robin Williams

VOX Talk #67 - APA, SIGGRAPH, Everyday Storytelling, Casting and Noise in the Studio

VOX Talk #66 - How To Train Your Dragon 2 in China, VOXTees, Voices.com iOS app, Auditioning, Interview with Voices CEO David Ciccarelli

VOX Talk #65 - VOICE 2014, Planes: Fire & Rescue, Coca-Cola Happy ID Video

VOX Talk #64 - Don LaFontaine Spirit Award, Dave Courvoisier's New Book, Children's Voice Acting, Attracting Clients and Plosives

VOX Talk #63 - Pinocchio Voice Actor Dick Jones, James Earl Jones, SOVAS, Latin American Spanish VO Site, Voices.com iOS app

VOX Talk #62 - Soundalikes, SAG Foundation's NYC Center, Transformers 4, Partnerships and Mic Technique

VOX Talk #61 - June is Audiobook Month (JIAM), APAC, Audies, Single Narrator VS Full Cast Audio

VOX Talk #60 - Voicey Award Nominations, Melissa Disney Super Bowl Dreams, Mike Cooper Narrates Dinosaur Secrets, Sanjo Ogunseye in The Biz, Allen Ellis in the VOX Box

VOX Talk #59 - VO Publicity Opportunity, Rodney Saulsberry's Better Than Before, Bettye Zoller Workshops in Dallas, Bobbin Beam in the Biz, Ian Stuart in the VOX Box

VOX Talk #58 - Unofficial Jimmy Fallon Contest, Hillary Huber Announces at People's Choice Awards, Marc Cashman one of AudioFile Magazine's top voices, Tips for self-directing during auditions

VOX Talk #57 - Myanmar Relief PSAs, JoAnne Good says Female Presenters Playing Second Fiddle to Male Announcers in Radio, Seth MacFarlane's Sweet Deal with Fox

VOX Talk #56 - Morgan Freeman, Menus That Talk, Two Worlds Voice Acting, and Voice Coaches Radio

Vox Talk #55 - Rodney Saulsberry, Voice Coaches Marketing Expo and Pat Fraley interviews Phil Crowley

VOX Talk #54 - SAG & AFTRA, Voice Talkers on YouTube and Don LaFontaine Update

2nd Annual Voicey Awards Special VOX Talk Episode

VOX Talk #53 - Seth MacFarlane Hosts Elans, Unofficial NBC Nightly News Contest, Pat Fraley, Ed Asner and YouTube with John Miles

VOX Talk #52 - audio'connell Announcer Contest, New Year's Resolutions, Harry Shearer, Donald Trump, Sanjo Ogunseye

VOX Talk #51 - Don LaFontaine Recovering, Bob Souer Narrates Entire Bible, Adam Fox, Voice Over Times

VOX Talk #50 - Vivendi / Activision to merge, Marc Cashman, Voice Casting Podcast, Adam Fox, 2008 Voicey Awards

VOX Talk #49 - British Animation Awards, WGA Strike Update, David Cook Interview, Kat Keesling from SaVoa, Adam Fox

VOX Talk #48 - Writer's Strike, Simpsons Video Game, Naruto, Voice Overs on Demand, Adam Fox

Tips and Tricks for Premium Members of Voices.com

VOX Talk #47 - California Wildfires, Jeff Gelder, Teletoon, Julie Williams reviews MJ Lallo's DVD, Adam Fox

VOX Talk #46 - Blue Microphone, Optimus Prime, Video game Bidding War, Bob Green, Power Outages

VOX Talk #45 - Say How?, Rodney Saulsberry, NPR Voice Acting Interview, Kristi Stewart, Adam Fox, Vicki Amorose

VOX Talk #44 - June Foray's 90th, Julie Williams, Pat Fraley's Billion $ Read, Adam Fox, Debbie Munro

SaVoa Public Service Announcement

VOX Talk #43 - Celebrity Voice Actors, CRM Market Elite Award for Voices.com, Simpsons Tribute Podcast, Pat Fraley on Audiobooks, Adam Fox, Voice Over Experts Podcast

The Simpsons Tribute Episode of VOX Talk

VOX Talk #42 - CreatiVoices, Simpsons Sound Alike Challenge, Nancy Wolfson, Darbi Worley, Adam Fox, Jesse Springer interviews Joe Cipriano

VOX Talk #41 - Euro Radio Awards, Simpsons, Jesse Springer Interviews Joe Cipriano, Adam Fox

VOX Talk #40 - Pierce Brosnan, Walking the Labyrinth, 60 Second Pitch, Jason McCoy, Adam Fox, Jesse Springer Interviews Joe Cipriano Part 1 of 3

60 Second Pitch Award Show 2007

VOX Talk #39 - Harry Potter Narrator Jim Dale, South African VO, Nancy Cartwright, Betty in Boca, Adam Fox

VOX Talk #38 - Bryan Cox Transformers, Scott Shurian, Facebook, Elie Hirschman, SitePal, Adam Fox, Bob Oakman, Julie Williams CD Review Party at Voices.com

VOX Talk #37 - Apple iPhone, Marc Graue, Julie Williams Product Review, Betty in Boca

VOX Talk #36 - Wheat Kings, Fran Capo on YouTube, Voices.com, Elie Hirschman, Allergies, Adam Fox, Bob Green, Julie Williams, Bob Bergen

VOX Talk #35 - Spider-Man Cartoon Voice Josh Keaton, Tiger Woods, Betty in Boca, David Ciccarelli, Darbi Worley, Everything Acting Podcast

VOX Talk #34 - Podcasting Week, Randy Thomas, Elie Hirschman, Darker Projects, David Ciccarelli, Voice Over Experts Grand Slam

VOX Talk #33 - Apple iPhone VO Controversy, Kara Edwards, Moe Egan, Michiru Yabu, CNN.com, Julie Williams, Adam Fox, Julie-Ann Dean

VOX Talk #32 - Voice Coaches, eBay, Shrek the Third, Betty in Boca, David Ciccarelli, Jesse Springer

VOX Talk #31 - Audie Awards, Hillary Huber, Pat Fraley, Voice Acting Hub at Facebook, Deb Munro, Elie Hirschman, Colin Campbell

VOX Talk #30 - Mic & Me, SurePay, Darbi Worley, Adam Fox and Kara Edwards, Jim McCabe

VOX Talk #29 - Screaming Bee, MorphVOX Voice Changer Pro, Betty in Boca, Colin Campbell, Dr. Seuss

VOX Talk #28 - Liam Neeson Fallout 3, Nancy Wolfson and Anna Vocino, Rodney Saulsberry Tongue Twisters, David Boyll, Colin Campbell, Bettye Zoller, Doug Rein

VOX Talk #27 - David Boreanaz NHL VO, Movie Trailers, TFormers.com Interviews Peter Cullen, Elie Hirschman, Adam Fox, Jesse Springer, S. Michael Leier

VOX Talk #26 - Julie Williams, Pat Fraley, Colin Campbell, UK VO Fiona Spreadborough

VOX Talk #25 - Bob Bergen, Audio File Delivery, Betty in Boca, Adam Fox, Connie Mustang, Ken Strickland

VOX Talk #24 - Don LaFontaine on Jay Leno, Bettye Zoller, Simon and Schuster, Elie Hirschman, Adam Fox, Marc Cashman

Vox Talk #23 - Lennie Weinrib Tribute, AFTRA, Don LaFontaine, Bob Bergen, Julie Williams, Adam Fox, Kara Edwards

VOX Talk #22 - Google Videogame Ads, Om Malik on VoIP, Dee Bradley Baker, Julie Williams, Adam Fox, Union VS Non-Union VO

Vox Talk #21 - Ralph Hass, Microsoft TellMe, Commercial Demos, Colin Campbell, Jason McCoy, Oreo Cookies

Vox Talk #20 - Spanish Voice Actors, Simpsons Movie, CBC, Elie Hirschman, Skype, Colin Campbell, Aussie VO

Vox Talk #19 - Harry Shearer, Walker Edmiston, Voice Actors United, Julie Williams, Adam Fox, Bobbin Beam

Vox Talk #18 - Curt Schilling TomTom VOs, Gracenote, Colin Campbell, Rick Sparks, Don LaFontaine

Vox Talk #17 - Verbum Domini, SQPN, Don LaFontaine Oscar Experience, Julie Williams, Pat Fraley, Colin Campbell, Brian Haymond

Vox Talk #16 - Voicey Award Winners, PodCamp Toronto, Marc Cashman Earphone Award, Johnny George, Adam Fox, Nancy Wolfson

2007 Voicey Awards Special VOX Talk Episode

Vox Talk #15 - Joe Cipriano's Neumann, Michael Douglas, Pop Filters, John Small

Vox Talk #14 - AKG, Podcasting, Rebel Alliance Theatre, Kara Edwards

VOX Talk #13 - Annie Awards, Toronto Anime Ball, Microsoft VS Mapuche

Vox Talk #12 - Voicey Judges, Superman Brandon Routh, Bettye Zoller, Grey DeLisle Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Vox Talk #11 - Voicey Awards, Insuring Talents in India, Following Your Dreams

Vox Talk #10 - Rodney Saulsberry Book Review "You Can Bank on Your Voice", Google Ads Pre-roll on YouTube, Alkalol Keeps Voice in Check?

Vox Talk #9 - Julie Andrews Honored by SAG, Verizon says No to Apple, Flickr, Wikipedia Cited in Court Rulings

Vox Talk #8 - Digidesign Reel Tape Suite, British Voice Association Tips, Vocal Warmups, Radio Contests Going too Far?

Vox Talk #7 - Tuning in with Wayne Henderson, Museums Podcasting, Animated Movie Cliches

Vox Talk #6 - Governator Voices Robot, Sean Bean from Lord of The Rings, Soundalikes, Vocoders

Vox Talk #5 - Return of 24, Amazing Marvel Universe, Nancy Wolfson, Character Voice Demos

Vox Talk #4 - Larry King's 50 Years in Broadcasting, Screaming Bee, Audio Coding, Charlotte's Web Movie, iPhone, ACTRA

Vox Talk #3 - ACTRA Strike, An Inconvenient Truth, Joe Cipriano Teaches Podcasting

Vox Talk #2 - Radio Turns 100, Queen Elizabeth II Podcasts, Using Watermarks in Audio Recordings

Vox Talk #1 - Time Magazine, VOX Daily Top Ten of 2006, Farewell to Joseph Barbera, Finding an Agent

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